An effective Sunday school strategy can have a dramatic effect on the evangelistic results of the church, and effective evangelism has the potential to impact the Sunday school in a positive way. It is not hard to figure out that as more people are trained and challenged to share their faith, more people trust Christ as their Savior. As more people trust Christ, more people become involved in the Sunday school or the small groups of the church.

Further research has revealed that participation in Sunday school makes a dramatic difference in the assimilation of a new believer. The survey questioned people who had received Christ as Savior five years earlier. Of those who immediately became active in Sunday school, 83 percent were still active five years later. By contrast, only 16 percent were still active if they did not become active in Sunday school immediately after becoming a believer. What a dramatic difference. Commenting on these findings, the researchers concluded: “With this type of data, one might expect churches to give high priority to getting new members involved in a small group immediately. We certainly found the formerly unchurched to have an enthusiastic view of small groups, particularly Sunday school …. The picture is clear: the formerly unchurched ‘stick to’ a church when they get involved in a small group. Let us pray that more churches will learn this lesson.”

These are the 7 reasons why I think Sunday School is important.

  • It provides a basic systematic study of the scriptures at a level of understanding for that age group.
  • It allows a time for its members to dialogue and share about their needs with others in similar life situations.
  • It provides an opportunity for personal application of the scriptures based on the age level of the class.
  • It provides for fellowship and a sense of belonging for each member of the class.
  • It provides a platform for people to serve the Lord through teaching and administration.
  • It is a training ground for young Christians to be more productive in their church and gives them the opportunity to develop their skills and talents for the Lord.
  • It allows members to invite others who would not otherwise attend Sunday School without the invitation.